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Lacom Robot Cell

14.03.2017 12:26 | Dauer 00:00 | 3 Aufrufe
The LACOM Inline RobotCell features a modular and space-optimized design for high flexibility. It is available and can be used with all common transfer systems and includes LACOM's conveyor system KTS "Kiener transport system". A continuous flow of material and versatile chaining and linking enables beside highest repeat accuracy an increase in process capability at minimum energy demand. In this case you can see a sealant with highly viscous on an oil pan with a dispenser. The dispenser consists of an engine with gear and progressive cavity pump. More info at: www.lacom-online.de With FASTSUITE , the stand-alone simulation platform, production processes are supported with best-in-class software technology. Read more about FASTSUITE at: www.fastsuite.com


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