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Swept volume function

13.04.2021 16:31 | 255 Aufrufe

It happens that fixtures need to be re-designed due to reachability issues and collisions with robots or tools. Very often, these problems are only detected after the fixture design is done, so every modification requires additional time and resources, and thus costs. What if the process could be inverted?
Imagine you create your robot program first, and you use the working envelope of the robot and tool as well as the optimized workpiece designing the fixture, and for positioning the clamps. This video shows how it can be done by using a swept volume. By using this swept volume function, there are several use cases feasible:

✅ Use the swept volume to position clamps and fixtures outside of the process working area to avoid collisions right from the start

✅ Define interlockings between robots by using the swept volume as a collision element

✅ Export the working environment as a 3D CAD model back to the engineering department for improving the communication between designers and simulation engineers.

Find out more about the possibility at https://www.fastsuite.com/​

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