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Can you tell me the main differences between 840D powerlin

Beitrag 02.05.2018, 06:10 Uhr
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Hi, everyone and experts, I knew 840D since 1996 and almost followed it upgrade.
my company just bought 7 new m/c's contrlled by Siemens 840D.the m/c are made in France.they all use linear motors and build-in spindle.I will take over their maintenance soon
5 of them are controlled by 840d powerline the same as we had 7 years before, which I know very well from NCK, PLC to 611D drives and motors, from operation to NC programming...... they are something like my kids.
But 2 of those m/c are controlled by 840d solutionline which I only have basic idea. Yes, I can learn from DoconWEb, but It will be very helpfull if some of you give your suggestions:
What are the main differences between 840D powerline and 840D solutionline?
thanks in advance.

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