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Sinumerik 3TT dual PLC. PLC1 in stop mode, as title says.

Beitrag 11.09.2020, 14:02 Uhr
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Hello everyone, i am long time lurker but i finally registered here cause we are facing some problems with Sinumerik 3TT with Dual PLC.

Same story as always, machine was under power about 2 years. We changed batteries and when we are doing PLC hard restart (restart+reset up, down up on PLC cards) The PLC1 (the most on right of plc power supply) is giving us continous RED STOP led, while PLC2 is on GREEN RUN led. Something is deffective but we dont know where we should target first.

Sorry for putting this in eglish but i couldn't enter forum in English languange somehow.

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