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When do I need FGREF?

Beitrag 31.07.2023, 13:05 Uhr
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we have a 5 axis milling machine with SINUMERIK 840d sl.
Our NC programs usually have this form:

N3990 X-19.99475 Y-10.00169 Z-170. A0.0 C=DC(0.0) ; Linear  CUT
N4000 X-19.99625 Y-.00337 Z-170. A0.0 C=DC(0.0) ; Linear  CUT
N4010 X-19.99775 Y9.99494 Z-170. A0.0 C=DC(0.0) ; Linear  CUT
N4020 X-19.99925 Y19.99325 Z-170. A0.0 C=DC(0.0) ; Linear  CUT


N970 X-50.00154 Y-193.63061 Z199.997 A-90. C=DC(164.695) ; Linear  CUT
N980 X-52.22267 Y-193.04565 Z199.997 A-90. C=DC(163.874) ; Linear  CUT
N990 X-54.43282 Y-192.41923 Z199.997 A-90. C=DC(163.216) ; Linear  CUT
N1000 X-56.64297 Y-191.79282 Z199.997 A-90. C=DC(162.557) ; Linear  CUT

So basically it can be any 5 axis code.
In my understanding we do not need FGREF, however it is by default output at the top of our NC programs (FGREF[C]=1).

So my question is: When exactly do I need FGREF?
By reading the SINUMERIK documentation it seems to be relevant rather for turning instead of milling programs?

Thank you!
Beitrag 31.07.2023, 13:57 Uhr
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in FGREF you can define the diameter of your round axis. The axes also had to be defined in FGROUP first to use this.
If you don´t use the round axis to mill, you do not need this function.

It only needs to be defined if you want to specify the feed rate F normal in mm when milling with the round axis.
This is not only used in turning, but mostly i think.

Hope this will help to understand.

Kind regards

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