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Fräsen eines WC-Sitzes aus Holz, Massivholz, Buchenholz mit einer Raptor X-SL

10.02.2015 18:57 | 276 Aufrufe
Fräsen eines WC-Sitzes aus Holz, Massivholz, Buchenholz mit einer Raptor X-SL

WC Sitz CNC Fraesen CNC Router milling toilet seat wood grosser Formfräser : Toilettensitz / Klobrille / Klositz aus Holz fräsen:
Our High-Speed CNC router with about maximum 40 meters per minute positioning speed maximum working speed about 15 meters per minute.

You can mill aluminium, wood, pvc and much more different materials.
You could use the unit as an plasma torch for cutting steel, aluminium, copper and brass also !

Cutting, milling, measuring and much more .................
This steel frame 3d- cnc-router is made in our own fabrication in germany.
We have sold over 5300 cnc machines within the last 9 years worldwide.

Every day we have cnc- demonstrations in our house for interested customers
The RaptorX cnc router comes with brushless motors with a holding torque from about 9 Nm and its available with an rotary table as an fourth axis also.

The table is fixable in 3 different heights and z axis travel is available from 300mm ( standart ) up to 600mm.
So you can use it for milling big 3D objects in foam or something else !

Its available with Mach3 software and a "ready to start" configuration.
Its simply to start and use like plug and play ( mill )

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