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Beitrag 21.05.2007, 20:53 Uhr
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Hi All,
I have a problem with TRAUB TNS 60 ( MITSUBISHI CNC ) with SG-DN magazine.
Could you give me advice please?
So what's happened here...

I have checked the 7884-10 and the 7884-20 inputs in diagnostic mode of SG-DN
display and both have logic one ; relays K20.1A and K10M are on.
The LED error display on operators panel of SG-DN magazine flashes and on display
appears 01 alarm code.
The 01 Not-Aus alarm can't be reseted not even after the cause is removed or
after swiching the magazine off/on.
If for example the 65(cover open) alarm goes on, this appears on display together
with 01 Not-Aus alarm and after the cause is removed the 65 alarm disappears but
01 alarm remains. It seems like the 01 Not-Aus alarm doesn't depend only on
inputs but on something else from PLC program of the SG-DN magazine.

On the monitor of TX-8D: After making all the selections (working with magazine)
and pressing the H2 soft key this key doesn't lightens up.The problem with H2 soft
key is an old problem which in the past was resolved by swiching off/on repeteadly
and after this the magazine functioned normaly.
At this moment the magazine is not working.

Best Regards
Beitrag 21.05.2007, 21:32 Uhr
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Hello barstan,

I couldn't help you with your problem but I want to give you the advice to do your english postings on CNC-ARENA.COM. That's the better place therefor.
Your last postings do you've written in german - why not this one?

Gruß / Regards

Wenn wir immer das tun was wir können, dann bleiben wir immer das was wir sind.
If we always this act what we are able to do, then we always remain what we are.

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