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Intelligente CNC Fertigung

NCSIMUL MACHINE im Einsatz bei Bretting Manufacturing in den USA

Juni 2017
Autor: Oerder
Firma: SPRING Technologies GmbH
NCSIMUL MACHINE im Einsatz bei Bretting Manufacturing in den USA

Erfahren Sie, wie NCSIMUL beim amerikanischen Präszisionsfertiger Bretting Manufacturing innovative, outside-of-the box Fertigungsprozesse ermöglicht.

Dabei geht die NC Simulation in NCSIMUL Machine über die Simulation in der CAD/CAM Software hinaus, wie Produktionsingenieur Joe Moran erklärt:

"Seeking a way to assure that its customized machining programs were free of collisions and other problems, Bretting’s staff evaluated different toolpath verification software packages and chose NCSIMUL Machine software, a comprehensive software tool for simulating, verifying, optimizing and reviewing CNC machining programs. The simulation software’s 3D graphics help eliminate machining crashes while embedded algorithms and process-based know-how enable optimization of cutting conditions and standardization of shop-floor documentation. The software verifies NC programs in three steps: it investigates and corrects coding errors, simulates machining to locate collisions and repair motion errors, and validates the NC program. NCSIMUL enables operators to view a simulation of an operation and verify its performance. “Then they can have a better, warm-and fuzzy-feeling about a process that may seem a little bit off the wall,” Moran said. “That’s where NCSimul helps us go above and beyond what the CAD/CAM software can do. It has enabled us to implement innovative, outside-the-box processes. One of the biggest advantages is that there’s less dry run time because the operators can trust what’s being put out. NCSIMUL really helps with our first runoff.” (...) NCSIMUL also provides accurate estimates of total process run time. The software records factors that often aren’t included in run time calculations, such as rapid feed rates and toolchange times."

Viel Spaß mit dem gesamten Artikel auf Advanced Manufacturing:




Quelle und Artikel: Advanced Manufacturing Media, Bilder: Bretting Manufacturing


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