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Fachverband Textilmaschinen Webinar


Textile to textile recycling - the new opportunity

15.11.2022, 14:00 Uhr MEZ
Dauer: 60 Minuten

Webinar beendet

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The price of fast fashion is that making clothes accounts for around 10 percent of CO₂ emissions from human activity. But despite the need for circularity in our use of resources, the clothing industry has been fed by a distinctly linear value chain. Textile-to-textile circularity has been conspicuously absent, but this is going to change.

ANDRITZ Nonwoven and CETI are at the core of the movement to provide industrially and economically viable solutions and R&D for recycling pre- and post-consumer waste made from natural and synthetic fibers.

Agenda am 15.11.2022

14:00 Uhr MEZ
14:00 MEZ

Welcome & introduction

Boris AbadjieffVDMA Textile Machinery Association
14:05 Uhr MEZ
14:05 MEZ

Presentation of Andritz

Charles Junker presents mechanical recycling technologies and developments for textile-to-textile recycling

Charles Junkerwww.andritz.com
14:25 Uhr MEZ
14:25 MEZ

Presentation of CETI

Manisha Saroha Marival about new trends and developments within textile recycling (also short presentation of technical center and opportunities)

Manisha Saroha Marivalwww.ceti.com
14:45 Uhr MEZ
14:45 MEZ


Boris AbadjieffVDMA Textile Machinery Association
14:55 Uhr MEZ
14:55 MEZ

Summary & Outlook

Boris AbadjieffVDMA Textile Machinery Association


Boris Abadjieff
VDMA Textile Machinery Association
Charles Junker
Manisha Saroha Marival