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Accustrip ApS
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Über uns

Today Accustrip is technologically among the world-wide leading companies within treatment of coolants: The reason is the new and revolutionary and patented technology that makes it possible to separate tramp oils effectively, even in turbulent fluids and carried out as a Full Flow filtration.

The importance of separating the tramp oil is:
Oil in coolant (Water based emulsion) is food for the microorganisms and a machine sump can rapidly turn into an ideal reproduction basin for the microorganisms. The amount of microorganisms can double in just 30 minutes and with no precautions taken, the coolant will be destroyed faster than imagined. 
Furthermore the tramp oil in the coolant will lower the coolant’s ability to remove the heat from the process: A clean coolant ability to remove the heat is 2.5 times better than oil.

The Central Plant systems from Accustrip are 10 times more efficient when comparing the output and coolant volume in the system with conventional central plant systems. That makes a different, as the Accustrip Plants take up very little and valuable space, but the real difference is the capability to remove chips, impurities, oil and fungus, which are 10 times higher than in conventional central plant systems.

In an Accustrip Central Plant system the coolant is in constant movement through the supply and return lines, and also in the plant itself. Therefore the risk of having sediments and reproduction of microorganisms are almost eliminated. All processes are fully automated, and therefore require only a minimum of maintenance and supervision.