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Albrecht Präzision News

New High Performance Chuck

Full power for 5-axis


For 5-axis applications with the highest demands, the chuck specialist Albrecht has developed the new Slim5 precision chuck with mechanical worm gear and a large clamping range.


The latest, extra-slim generation of APC chuck now includes an improved worm gear (patent 1206990). With a traction force of more than three tons, which is achieved through the world's unique 1:16 gear ratio, the new Slim5 precision chuck enables a significantly higher holding power. In addition substantially all vibrations are degraded by the ideal damping of the collet-taper bond. The perfect combination of interference contour, holding torque, vibration damping and concentricity offers every operator a high cutting performance and process reliability.


The outside shape of the ultra-slim design has a common angle of shrink fit chucks of 4.5 ° and is available in two versions. With a diameter range of 2-14 or 2-20 millimetres it enables an ideal accessibility, especially in 5-axis applications.


As an additional protection, Albrecht collets with pull-out safety (Pin-Lock) prevent the Weldon tool from being pulled out at extremely high cutting forces.

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