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Touch probes for Maho 500 W CNC232B, Which touch probes work on Maho 500 W CNC232B

Beitrag 29.04.2020, 16:36 Uhr
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Hi All,

I'm trying to find out which touch probes can be attached to the Maho 500 W with Heidenhain CNC232B control system.
This control system is very similar to the Heidenhain TNC151/155 but not exactly the same.

As I don't have the original Heidenhain 232 book and the MAHO Bediener-Handbuch is not detailed enough (it doesn't mention the probe or any control details) I have posted this question here.

Any help is highly appreciated. Even if you have TNC151/155 experience.

Thanks in advance,


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