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Matris d.o.o.
Jelenčeva ulica 1
4000 Kranj
+386 04 29 26 900



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Über uns

Matris is the only company in Adria region that is specialized in servicing of servomotors from renowned and reputable foreign manufactures. We were the first to respond to the growing needs of market and today we offer businesses a comprehensive, fast and high-quality maintenance support.

Servo motor servicing requires an excellent knowledge of the composition and operation of servo motors, as well as of the individual components and their settings. Feedback units, which include resolvers, encoders, tacho generators and Hall elements,. The correct setting up of encoders or the correct alignment of encoders is a very demanding task, but crucial for motor operation. A motor might not operate properly if the deviation from the factory settings reaches as little as three mechanical degrees; also, the motor can lose momentum drastically.
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