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Rue Copernic
42030 Saint-Etienne
+33 477 – 42 60 88



Über uns

PCI is a French designer and manufacturer of machining systems by chips removal.
These machine-tools and their related processes are designed for automotive and aircraft industry (mass production machining).
PCI-SCEMM, manufacturer of tools machines and supplier of turnkey production line joined TONGTAI Group at the beginning of 2015 what allows to be more visible in the international market.

The 130 employees, based in Saint-Etienne (FRANCE), can offer you :

– Powerful, robust and reliable high speed machining center
– Turnkey production line,
– Special machines,
– Process of machining,
– Services : After-sales, Retrofitting, Revamping, Reconfiguration and Modification of tools machines, Training, etc.

The most important for us is the listening and the satisfaction of our customers.

We are in a permanent way of performance’s research and improvement.
An important plan of Research and Development, connected to TONGTAI Group’s R&D plan, makes possible to maintain our technological advance in the aim to satisfy the most demanding customer.
Moreover, our many partnerships with multidisciplinary actors (Mécaloire, Viameca, Symop, CETIM, IUMM, major engineering schools (ISTP, Arts et métiers, Enise, etc)…) boost us to work in advance on new procedures, products or process ; to take part in the local industrial’s development ; and to respect the environment.
Lastly, we focus on safety at work and on the respect of plurality and equality between men and women.

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