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universal machine technology interface

FAGOR Automation supports umati

August 2019
Firma: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
FAGOR Automation supports umati
  • What makes umati special?

umati‘s aim is to establish a worldwide standard for the connectivity of machine tools.

It’s developed by the machine tool industry for its customers, and was created in the belief that:

  • Exploiting data creates an added value for customers
  • The specification of open interfaces must be undertaken by the machine tool industry itself, to cover the specific needs of its customers
  • This is no field for competition, neither results it in any advantage in the market, but requires collaboration to use resources more efficiently

In that sense, what is really interesting is the large number of companies that is already supporting the work of umati, and that the number keeps growing.


  • What advantages does it offer you and your customers?

umati gives us opportunities.

By participating in the EMO umati demonstrator, umati@EMO2019, we have the opportunity to expand our experience in machine connectivity.

In addition, it gives us the opportunity to help our customers on their way to digital transformation, giving them all the support they need to achieve a simple and successful connection of their machines to the umati@EMO2019 demonstrator.

It also gives us the opportunity to show our users new success cases in the field of Industry 4.0, with real examples of machine connectivity and value-added services.


  • What will your company show at the EMO-Showcase?

We want to have a really active participation in umati and be able to give it great visibility from our booth at EMO.

Therefore we would like not only to take part as Component Manufacturers, but also to be able to connect one Virtual Machine (EMO-BENCH) and one Demonstration Application (EMO-APP).


Photo: Marcelino Novo 

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