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universal machine technology interface

umati defines an increasing set of universal machine tool interface!

September 2019
Firma: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
umati defines an increasing set of universal machine tool interface!

We asked iSESOL Information and Technology Co., Ltd., what makes umati special?

  • umati group is composed by partners from machine tool suppliers and control manufacturers, and is service oriented. The umati has been initiated by an international group of well-known machine tool builders and is oriented to create better and easier connection between machine tools and information systems like ERP/MES/Cloud etc. umati is based on OPC UA and is open to industry partners. The umati standardization working group is growing larger and larger and umati is based on OPC UA which is a wide-spread communication protocol for manufacturing industry.

What can umati do what others cannot?

  • Umati defines a common language for different brand machine tools, including not only machine information but also job information, tool information and workpiece information.

 What advantages does it offer you and your customers?

  • The umati protocol defines an increasing set of universal machine tool interface, which helps the end-user and integrators reduce the effort to adapt between different machine-specific protocols and decrease the difficulty to develop value-added applications for machine tools, since different machine tools share a common language, in terms of data. A great variety of applications can be developed for machine user, manufacturing enterprises, which can bring more benefit growth both for users and solution suppliers.  

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