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Q&A with MurataMachinery about umati

September 2019
Autor: vdw_schuetz
Firma: umati - eine Initiative des VDW und VDMA
Q&A with MurataMachinery about umati

What will your company show at the EMO-Showcase?

We will participate in the showcase with our machine tools equipped with a protocol converter for CNC machine tools. This system can be applied to many existing facilities. The protocol converter is retrofit compatible and commercialized.

What makes umati special?

Thus far there was no date model for machine tools. Hence there was no computerization way.   “umati” is modeled in a large concept called OPC-UA. The software structure is standardized and can be adapted to the operation information of many machine tools. This make it easier for users and manufactures to adopt “umati”.

What can umati do what others cannot?

It is not just machine tools also various production facilities operates in the factory. By using “umati”, it is possible to share the machine tool operating information model. However  in recent years when there are wide variety of production facilities, some facilities may not be completely modeled. “umeti” is concept that targets a wide range of OPC-UA, and it can be adapted to the future of “networking of the whole factory”.

What advantages does it offer you and your customers?

By adopting “umati”, it is not necessary to develop a company specific information model. Even if there are equipment from multiple manufactures in the factory, end users can provide equipment operation information. It is possible to monitor in an integrated manner and select a tool that suits your company from commercially available management tools. It can be said that the threshold for the introduction of Iot has greatly decreased.

Why is umati exactly right at EMO 2019?

In a world-wide exhibition, the fact that large number of participants participate in the showcase is an indication of the next era of networking regardless of location or machine manufacturer.


Die Emo Hannover 2019 rückt immer näher! Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich dort ein eigenes Bild von UMATI machen können. Bis bald!

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